Freezer makeover

For the past several days I’ve been working on organizing our freezer. Unfortunately there is no ‘before’ photo, but let’s just say that it had gotten to the point where opening the freezer door was a dangerous activity. Check out the after!

20130314-234734.jpgIs it weird that I keep looking inside now just to see how pretty it is? I got those tall bins at the Container Store when we went to Atlanta on Saturday (because every husband wants to spend his birthday shopping, right? Thanks, Matt!) among other organizational items (hint, hint). I had seen that several other bloggers used them to organize their freezers, and they turned out to be the perfect size. The ones on the bottom are fridge binz from Bed Bath and Beyond. The cute little printable labels I got from Staples. Did you know they have a whole Martha Stewart collection over there? I’m obsessed.

20130314-235704.jpgI also got Matt to laminate this freezer inventory list for me so we can keep track of what food we have. It’s going to be especially handy for the deep freeze, since it’s sort of a pain to trek down to the basement and see what’s in there.

On a side note, I also got one fridge bin to keep in the refrigerator. I’ve been trying to find some kind of container to store all my seed packets in, and when I saw this narrow bin I knew it was perfect.

20130315-000413.jpg Everyone says that the refrigerator is the best place to keep seeds anyway, and this slides right in and hardly takes up any room.

20130315-000824.jpgSo, what do you think? Is your freezer super-organized? Or is it more like our previous avalanche waiting to happen?

New and improved seed starting station

Ive been wanting to upgrade my make-shift seed starting station for a while now. Last week, Target had their wire shelves on sale. They’re the exact length of my grow lights and are also adjustable, which will be very handy for when I have a shelf or two of taller plants. And there’s plenty of room for expansion.

20130227-123543.jpg Look, no board games! I stuck my Beardsley Community Farm calendar up there, too.

20130227-123718.jpg Here’s what I’ve got started so far:
Yellow onions
Red onions
Green onions
Sugar snap peas
Snow peas

In other news, my dwarf apple tree came yesterday! I was going to pot it today, but it’s sooo windy outside, I don’t want to go out there again! Maybe tomorrow…

First seedlings of the year

My onions are sprouting!

20130212-233053.jpgThis is my current seed starting station, in our guest bedroom. If you come to stay with us between now and May, it might be a little…bright. Most people adjust the lights up and down. But if you’ve got lots of board games, you can adjust the plants instead!

20130212-233419.jpgMatt’s afraid the neighbors will think we’re growing marijuana due the fluorescent glow emanating from the window.

Also, I just finished ordering all my seeds for this year and a second (gala) apple tree. Shopping for pumpkin seeds was definitely the most fun; almost as much as looking at pumpkins in real life! Am I the only one whose husband has to pry her away from Home Depot in the fall?

If you’re ordering seeds too, do it soon before all the good varieties sell out!