Spring is here!

And you know what that means: time for my seasonal blog post! Just kidding. Maybe.

But seriously, spring time is garden time! Although I was little behind this year, I’ve got lots of seeds started inside including green onions, cauliflower, celery, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, kale, and marigolds. My whole garden has been under black plastic for about two months in an attempt to kill the horrible creeping grass, and today we finally took the plastic off. I’m not sure the grass was entirely dead, but it was at least severely weakened. I pulled up what was left in the beds, mostly around the strawberries, which somehow survived under there! Matt tilled the rest under.

We bought some plastic terrace board this year to put around the edges of garden to deter the grass. I’m going to cut strips of the black plastic I already have to put in the pathways and cover it later with wood chips or mulch, which I can hopefully score for free on craigslist. So the next thing on our garden to do list is digging a trench to bury the edging so grass can’t creep under. Here’s what the garden looks like after today:


And if you’d like to see the whole plan for this year you can look at it here. I’m trying out a new garden planner website which I like better than the old one except for the fact that there’s a lot of zooming and scrolling involved. Also, the beds in my garden plan aren’t in the right places (to make the whole thing easier to see at once). So zoom out to 25% if you want to see the whole thing.

In other, even more exciting news, I’ve got a new job! I landed an internship at Mountain Meadows Farm. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for several years but only recently seriously looked into it, because who wants a farm intern that’s going to be out of the country for a month in the summer? I went out this morning for a trial workday of sorts and by the end of it they offered me the position. It looks like I’ll start sometime next month, and I’ll get to do some of everything from planting and harvesting to packing CSA boxes and working at farmers’ markets. There’s even a good chance I could stay on for the off season too. It’s also a full time position, so I’ll be making significantly more than I currently do. The only downside is that it’s a 35 minute drive away, but it was really one of the closer farms to us, so that’s ok. I’m so excited!

Visitor in the garden

20131029-225303.jpg I was mulching my winter vegetable bed with some straw this afternoon when who came slithering out of the straw bale but this adorable little snake! I’ve seen one in my straw before, but didn’t get to take a picture that time. I think it’s a Dekay’s brownsnake, which doesn’t grow more than a foot long. After his photo shoot I put him back under the bale of straw, nice and cozy…

Fresh from the garden, the past month or so

Why yes, I have still been picking things from the garden this whole time. We’ve been having lots of grilled vegetables and zucchini muffins, and they are delicious. I haven’t done due diligence in the photo department, but here’s what I’ve got:

20130815-212721.jpg1lb 2oz okra
9lb 14.6oz tomatoes
6lb 5.7oz zucchini
9.7 oz beans

20130815-212902.jpg15lb 11.3oz cucumbers
2lb 12.35 oz spaghetti squash
(We had that for supper last night!)
1lb 13.15oz mystery squash
1lb 2.25 oz butternut squash
11.35oz small wonder spaghetti squash

I have no idea what that bright orange mystery squash is. It looks nothing like the description on any of my squash or pumpkin seed packets. (Which is all I’m going by, since the only one of them I’ve grown before is spaghetti squash.) Anyone care to venture a guess? I’m not sure if it’s mature either, because a little worm nibbled through the stem and caused it to fall off the vine.
On a slightly related side note: a guy that drives by our house all the time on the way to the post office and knows me from Cracker Barrel saw me at work today and marveled at the fact that I’m growing pumpkins on a trellis.

P.S. We’re naming our puppy Kate. Just testing you to see if you’ll read all the way to the end when not enticed by pictures of adorable animals.

Oh, wait….