Here comes little Coconut-tail…

hopping down the bunny trail!

Wait, that’s not how the song goes? The bunny cake I made would beg to differ.

20140420-222609.jpg And yes, her name is Coconut-tail. Or at least it was for a while, because her tail got eaten first.

20140420-222737.jpg It was a coconut cake with coconut buttercream frosting. I’m sort of opposed to artificial food coloring, so I dyed the grass green with spinach juice. It was really easy! And I did the pink nose with a little strawberry jam.

Poor little Coconut-tail. She was almost too cute to eat. When I was a kid a lot of chocolate Easter bunnies went to waste because they were so adorable I couldn’t bear to eat them. No wonder I became a vegetarian…

Happy Easter!

3 thoughts on “Here comes little Coconut-tail…

  1. Oh, she is cute!! I bet she was delicious also! The grass is a pretty shade of green. Did anyone taste the grass? Just wondering if the flavor was altered by the spinach juice. Glad ya’ll had a Happy Easter!

    • Oh yes, we sprinkled it on top of our cake slices for extra coconut goodness. It didn’t taste like spinach at all. I’ll probably save the rest of it for putting on frozen yogurt…

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