Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

We had a great Valentine’s Day this year, although we actually celebrated it a day early. Ever since we moved to Knoxville I’ve been trying to convince Matt to go skiing with me at Ober Gatlinburg. Maybe the Winter Olympics helped me out, because he finally agreed to give it a try. And then, like magic, we got 6.5 inches of snow on Thursday and neither of us had to go to work – the perfect day for skiing! Before we left I got some photos of the winter wonderland that was our yard.




We headed to Gatlinburg after lunch. There were signs up that the Ober parking lot was full, so we took the aerial tram up. After we got our rental equipment Matt went to the ski school that they offer.

20140215-231314.jpg I had only skied once before but I remembered being pretty good at it, so I figured Matt could remind me of anything I’d forgotten. I practiced on the training slope some while waiting on him, and then we went for the bunny slope! Matt was slightly traumatized and decided once was enough for him, so I went down several more times by myself.

20140215-231321.jpg I never fell (woo! still a perfect record!) but it was a lot harder to stop than I remembered. But we heard some of the other skiers saying that it was icier at the bottom than usual, so maybe it wasn’t just me. After we took to tram back to Gatlinburg we decided to try out the Bullfish Grill for dinner. We only looked slightly out of place wearing ski clothing in a steakhouse.

On real Valentine’s day I made some cupcakes. Neither of us got each other candy (maybe because we still have Christmas candy…) but something chocolate was required!

20140215-230316.jpg I used my favorite, favorite chocolate cake recipe, which can be found here. I planned to do powdered sugar hearts on top but it turned out we didn’t have any. Since the cupcakes were extra dark, cocoa powder looked just as pretty.

Hope you had a fun Valentine’s Day too!


3 thoughts on “Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

  1. Beautiful snow!! So glad ya’ll had a chance to ski! Makes you appreciate the skill of the Olympic athletes a bit more, doesn’t it? I can’t imagine speeding downhill at 90 miles an hour! That is a great picture of Matt! It looks like both of you have skis that color coordinate with your coats…how did you manage that? Your valentine cupcakes look soooo yummy.

  2. Great photos of the snowy yard! Did the pups play outside, too, this time? Love the photos of both of you. Matt didn’t tell me that he was traumatized….but he sure was sore the next day!!! Happy Valentine’s Day [late] – and the chocolate cupcakes are always a good idea.

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