Kate 365

She’s back! I guess there won’t really be 365 puppy pictures of Kate after all. I’m going to try to post one every week for the second half of her first year.

20140111-204730.jpgIn case you were wondering, Kate’s surgery last week went fine. She seemed so sad when we picked her up from the vet and moped around all night, but the next day she acted like nothing ever happened. In the photo you can see the spot where they shaved the fur off her leg for the iv.

In other news, I successfully walked Story and Kate together for the first time today. I’ve been trying out Story’s training collar (it’s the pinch kind) on Kate with great results. I was leery of using it with her since she’s so sensitive, but that thing is magical. It only took her a few minutes to realize that if she didn’t pull on the leash nothing unpleasant would happen, and now she’s well on her way to becoming a model loose leash walker. And now that she’s not jumping all over Story they’re a breeze to walk together.