Snow Day

Yay, snow day! We unexpectedly got three inches of snow yesterday, and neither Matt or I went to work today. Church choir was cancelled too, so we had the whole day free – to play in the snow, of course!

20140129-224619.jpg There’s a big hill behind our house that’s been begging me to sled down it, so this morning we bundled up and took the sled and the dogs for a snow adventure. It’s quite a big lot back there, so there was no danger of them running into the street. Not that Kate would run off anyway, but even Story was having too much fun to think about leaving.

20140129-225010.jpg She actually loves the snow and liked chasing the sled up and down the hill and running around snarling after Kate.

20140129-225150.jpg We brought Kate’s big purple toy so she could try playing a little snow fetch, and she thought that was a great idea.

20140129-225325.jpg And check out her hilarious face with snow on her tongue while I’m trying to take off Story’s useless rain jacket:

20140129-225456.jpg Matt tried sledding a couple times, but he didn’t ever exactly make it to the bottom of the hill… Story, on the other hand, rode all the down with me! I asked Matt to take this picture because it’s just like one I have of me and the dog I had growing up, Friskie.

20140129-225705.jpg Isn’t she a cute little snow dog?

Lucky New Year

Although we didn’t succeed in eating any black eyed peas on New Year’s Day, 2014 is starting out to be a pretty lucky year for us! On Sunday we stopped by Earthfare (our favorite grocery store) to check out their natural health fair, including vendors, samples, and a drawing. And later that afternoon we got a call telling us that we had won the grand prize in the drawing! It’s a basket full of natural health goodies and $100 Lululemon gift card. We were beyond surprised!

20140124-213137.jpg Also, I didn’t win it, but I was able to get a belated Christmas present of an iPad Air, which I consider pretty lucky! Matt and I got our iPad 2’s the day they came out a few years ago, and I use mine for everything. When we were in Norway last year my iPad had a very unfortunate encounter with the real tile floor in our apartment which cracked the screen. Rather than pay to replace the screen (which is very pricey) we decided to wait and see about getting a new iPad when the next version was released. And here it is! It’s sooo much lighter than my old one and the retina display is incredible. I wasn’t really a fan of the Smart Cover color options this time, so I went with this neat origami case from moshi that works in much the same way.

20140124-215028.jpg It also has a translucent hard shell on the back for added protection against tile floors.

And in case you’d like to know, the other two big presents I got for Christmas were these awesome Keen boots. They’re so awesome, in fact, that I’m pretty sure I’ve worn them on every outing except once since Christmas. And that was the day it was so unseasonably warm that I wore my Toms without socks.

…and the ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer. It was a complete surprise, and I was so excited! I tried it out a few weeks ago with a pumpkin frozen yogurt recipe using one of the ten (!) cans of pumpkin purée that I made from just the two pumpkins from my garden. It turned out pretty good, and I can’t wait to try more recipes.

P.S. Finally took the ornaments off the Christmas tree today. Yay, me!