Moonlighting as a pastry chef

A few weeks ago our friend Maja from Slovenia organized a wine tasting at the Slovenian consulate and asked me make the desserts. Having never cooked for 100+ people before I found the task a little daunting, but as it turns out I’m pretty good at it!

We needed three different desserts that didn’t require silverware. The first thing I thought of were the pear-Brie bites that I’ve made several times before. This time I used little pre-baked phyllo cups to save myself some time. You can see them on the far left in this photo.

20131026-221204.jpg Matt was the photographer for the event, so of course I made sure he took lots of good pictures of the desserts!

The hosts for the wine tasting had lots of berries from their garden for me to use, so next I decided on miniature berry pies. I made some blueberry:

20131026-221514.jpg And some blackberry-raspberry:

20131026-221543.jpg It took forever to make all those tiny little pie crusts! But they turned out so cute, it was worth it. And there wasn’t a single one left at the end of the night. My favorite part was the leaves on top that I cut patterns into:

I started thinking about how there was no shortage of cream-filled pastries anywhere I’d been in Europe, so for the third dessert I made mini cream puffs. Everyone was most impressed with those, even though they were so much easier to make than those little pies! I enlisted my waffle batter dispenser to fill them (with French vanilla pudding of course, not that gross whipped cream that’s in store bought mini cream puffs).

20131026-222348.jpg Several people at the party told me I should start a business! It would be a great way to make a little extra cash…miniature desserts, anyone?