Kate 365 – afternoon at the lake

I got off work early today, so we decided to take Story and Kate swimming at Norris Lake. The official swimming area was already closed for the season, so we hiked a little trail around the edge of the lake until we found somewhere that looked nice. Kate seemed to really enjoy hiking. She’s not a big fan of going for walks because she’s scared of the cars, but she didn’t have to worry about that today.

We’ve been wanting to introduce Kate to the water early in hopes that she would like it more than Story does, and she jumped right in!

20131005-220706.jpg I guess after Story saw Kate swimming she thought it might not be so bad, so she gave it a try too.

20131005-220747.jpg Kate had a lot of fun swimming out to fetch sticks that I threw in the water.

20131005-220846.jpg Story made sure to stand right next to me whenever she needed to dry off a little.

20131005-221020.jpg On the way back from our hike we stopped to see a replica of a gristmill which sat beside a little creek that the dogs splashed around in some more. (It was much colder than the lake!)

Both of them slept most of the way home. I think we’ll definitely be going back up there for more hiking adventures!



3 thoughts on “Kate 365 – afternoon at the lake

  1. Did you go to Big Ridge State Park? Our Sunday School class had a picnic there last month at one of the shelters. We didn’t walk down to the lake, though. Looks like Kate is a natural swimmer.

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