Kate 365 – 3 months

20131001-225621.jpg Kate thinks it’s fun to sit on the placemat.

Also, Kate is three months old today (which also means we’ve had her for a month)! She’s a couple inches taller than Story now, thanks to her long legs, and weighs about 11 pounds. In case you forgot how little she was a month ago:

20131001-230323.jpg So far Kate has learned the commands for sit, down, stand, leave it, watch, off, ok, and hurry up. She’s very shy around new people, and we’ve been working hard to help her become more confident. She’s so different from Story, who’s never met a stranger! We’re also working on boosting her confidence when going for a walk – she starts to whine if we get too far from the house, and would dash straight back there if we let her. It does have its benefits though: I finally got a dog that I can trust not to run away. She also makes the most hilarious howling noises when she wants something (to go out, to have some water, for you to hurry up and finish putting food in her treat ball already, etc). Sometimes it sounds like she’s trying so hard to talk.

I wish we could bring her to west TN to meet everybody while she’s still little, but she’s growing too fast! I hope that my photos are an adequate substitute.


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