First dog playdate

This afternoon one of Matt’s friends from school, her husband, and their two dogs came over to play with Story and Kate. We didn’t do a great job of socializing Story as a puppy, mostly because we kind of lived in the middle of nowhere and had no friends with dogs. But we’re going to try our best to make sure Kate is well-socialized! So far she’s a little shy around strangers, but great with other dogs. She had a lot of fun running around with her two new friends this afternoon. Even Story had a good time after she got over her barkiness.

After handbells tonight we took Kate over to Matt’s parents’ house to play and meet their two dogs. She didn’t find their dogs nearly as exciting as the other ones, but she did love their toys. 0900 (Oops. Kate thought she would try her paw at typing there.) She also didn’t have any accidents at their house. Yay! In fact, I haven’t said anything so as not to jinx her, but Kate hasn’t had a single accident in the house since we got her. Ever. For a week. It is AMAZING. Especially after Story the Housetraining Nightmare. Shh, don’t tell. I don’t want to ruin our luck!