Countdown to Kate!

This weekend we’ll be making our trek to Michigan and returning with a new puppy in tow! I wish I had more photos, but the only new one we have is of her making a very unflattering face in reaction to the camera flash, so I’ll spare you. We’ve started to gather up our puppy supplies, so in lieu of pictures of Kate I’ll show you some of the things we’ve gotten so far.

20130826-234255.jpg I’ve been eyeing this Martha Stewart Pets bowl for a long time. We couldn’t get it for Story because she needs a divided bowl to keep her from inhaling her food. So as soon as our puppy plans were confirmed, we ran over to Petsmart and snatched it up! (It was on super clearance by that time. Yay!) It matches Story’s current food and water bowls and fits perfectly on her placemat. Let’s just hope Kate’s not another scarfer…

Fresh from the garden, the past month or so

Why yes, I have still been picking things from the garden this whole time. We’ve been having lots of grilled vegetables and zucchini muffins, and they are delicious. I haven’t done due diligence in the photo department, but here’s what I’ve got:

20130815-212721.jpg1lb 2oz okra
9lb 14.6oz tomatoes
6lb 5.7oz zucchini
9.7 oz beans

20130815-212902.jpg15lb 11.3oz cucumbers
2lb 12.35 oz spaghetti squash
(We had that for supper last night!)
1lb 13.15oz mystery squash
1lb 2.25 oz butternut squash
11.35oz small wonder spaghetti squash

I have no idea what that bright orange mystery squash is. It looks nothing like the description on any of my squash or pumpkin seed packets. (Which is all I’m going by, since the only one of them I’ve grown before is spaghetti squash.) Anyone care to venture a guess? I’m not sure if it’s mature either, because a little worm nibbled through the stem and caused it to fall off the vine.
On a slightly related side note: a guy that drives by our house all the time on the way to the post office and knows me from Cracker Barrel saw me at work today and marveled at the fact that I’m growing pumpkins on a trellis.

P.S. We’re naming our puppy Kate. Just testing you to see if you’ll read all the way to the end when not enticed by pictures of adorable animals.

Oh, wait….


We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this announcement

Hi, everyone! I haven’t posted very much since we got back from our trips, or even talked about our other trip to Gatlinburg. That’s because all my attention has been focused on finding one thing. And here she is!

20130808-224948.jpg We’ve been thinking about getting a second dog for a while, but I tried to forget about it since we knew we’d be gone half of this summer. We started talking about it again while we were Norway. And I think Story is finally mature enough to set a good example for a puppy. So after we were done with all our major travels, I started the hunt for the perfect one. And the perfect one in my mind was a female merle border collie that was on the smaller side (they can range anywhere from about 25-60 pounds) and wasn’t too high energy (so as not to terrorize us and eat the house). I scavenged through all (seriously, all of them) the border collie breeders on the Internet. I was pretty specific about what I was looking for, so I thought I would be putting my name on a waiting list for a month or two, but I ended up finding a few really good options, and we chose this little slate merle girl. Her breeder says she should have a medium energy level and will be about 35 pounds.

20130808-230345.jpgBorder collies have been my favorite dog breed for as long as I can remember. (It probably has something to do with seeing the movie “Babe” as a kid.) I didn’t consider them when we were getting Story though, because we lived in that little duplex without a fenced yard. And if you don’t know much about border collies, they’re fairly energetic dogs that need some space. They’re generally considered the most intelligent of all breeds, are highly trainable, and excel at canine sports like agility (which I would love to try). She’s also going to make a great running partner.

20130808-225353.jpg Right now she’s just five weeks old, and we’ll be picking her up when she’s eight weeks old on Labor Day weekend. She currently lives in Michigan, so it’ll be a two day venture for us. Matt’s already figured out how he can get a baseball game out of it, too. We don’t have a name picked out yet, but we’ve thought up some good ones. And her breeder has promised to send more pictures this weekend. We’ll keep you posted!