Countdown to Kate!

Story’s favorite game to play is tug of war, so I’ve always got an eye out for a good rope toy. We got her an adorable Martha Stewart ram toy with ropes for legs for her birthday. But apparently home decor doesn’t require a strong background in knot-tying, because that thing started coming unraveled within five minutes.

While checking out the puppy supplies at a pet store the other day, we spotted this great looking rope toy. It certainly seems durable, so I’m hoping Story and Kate enjoy playing with it for a looong time.

20130830-213712.jpg And that purple toy in the foreground is the barnacle! There’s sort of a lack of chew toys around our house (since Story’s not a big chewer), and that’s obviously something you want to have on hand with a teething puppy. It has three chambers that can hold food or treats to make it even more enticing. We got a smaller one for Story too, since she loves treat dispensing toys. I let her try it out last night, and the first thing it did was bounce up and smack her in the face.

I hope it didn’t hurt her feelings that I laughed so much.

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