Fresh from the garden, the past month or so

Why yes, I have still been picking things from the garden this whole time. We’ve been having lots of grilled vegetables and zucchini muffins, and they are delicious. I haven’t done due diligence in the photo department, but here’s what I’ve got:

20130815-212721.jpg1lb 2oz okra
9lb 14.6oz tomatoes
6lb 5.7oz zucchini
9.7 oz beans

20130815-212902.jpg15lb 11.3oz cucumbers
2lb 12.35 oz spaghetti squash
(We had that for supper last night!)
1lb 13.15oz mystery squash
1lb 2.25 oz butternut squash
11.35oz small wonder spaghetti squash

I have no idea what that bright orange mystery squash is. It looks nothing like the description on any of my squash or pumpkin seed packets. (Which is all I’m going by, since the only one of them I’ve grown before is spaghetti squash.) Anyone care to venture a guess? I’m not sure if it’s mature either, because a little worm nibbled through the stem and caused it to fall off the vine.
On a slightly related side note: a guy that drives by our house all the time on the way to the post office and knows me from Cracker Barrel saw me at work today and marveled at the fact that I’m growing pumpkins on a trellis.

P.S. We’re naming our puppy Kate. Just testing you to see if you’ll read all the way to the end when not enticed by pictures of adorable animals.

Oh, wait….



8 thoughts on “Fresh from the garden, the past month or so

  1. Could your squashes (?) and pumpkins cross pollinate to form your mystery squash? Just a thought. Wonder how you are preparing your okra?
    Kate…yes, I like that name!! Did they send you new pictures last weekend?

    • Hm…I suppose they could. I’ll have to look into that. I’ve been grilling the okra (marinated in italian dressing like the other vegetables). Have you ever tried that? It’s really good! Same thing with the green beans.

      No, she hasn’t sent me any new pictures yet. Although I’ve been checking her website every day just in case…

      • No, grilled okra has never crossed my mind! Thought you might attempt pickling some since you like it so much. I ate at Cracker Barrel with G&P last night and almost ordered fried okra. We thought of you while we were there and our rising star waitress did a great job! I talked to her about you, etc.

      • Oh, and you might be interested to know that very soon we’re going to be adding several new healthy entrees under 600 calories (and also making a lot of menu item deletions). We start training for that next week.

  2. Beautiful garden produce! All we have left to do is dig our potatoes, and our garden will be played out. I happen to be particularly fond of the name Kate (since it’s so close to my own KatyRynne). Can’t wait to meet her!

    • Thanks! Something has gotten my potatoes, even though they’re in containers this year. : / I haven’t dug yet to see if they produced anything.

      The thought crossed our minds that Kate and Kathrynne might be confusing when they’re around each other, but since yours already has about a billion different names we figured it would be ok. ^_~

  3. Obviously, I’m fond of Kate due to Miss KatyRynne having a similar name! I think it’s a perfect name. The squash looks pumpkin-colored, so I’m going to call it a pumpkin. Impressed with all of your bounty from the garden this year 🙂

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