Garden snapshot, June 2013

I had time to take some pictures when I was doing a few things in my garden yesterday. It’s been growing like crazy with all the rain while we were gone!

The zucchini didn’t get devoured by slugs after all, although its not growing as fast as last year.

20130612-143112.jpg All the tomato plants are looking great, even the ones that had gotten droopy in the containers. Some of them have a few blossoms.

20130612-133449.jpg I can grow peas! These snow peas are ready for picking.

20130612-133521.jpg The carrots are coming right along.

20130612-133553.jpg The green onions are ready for cutting.

20130612-133627.jpg The kale has gotten really big and that’s one Brussels sprout on the left. This is the first year I’ve grown either of those.

20130612-133731.jpg Attack of the monster oregano! This thing is two feet tall. Anyone have a good recipe that uses tons of oregano?

20130612-133933.jpg Some of the squash are starting to climb the trellis. They have some blossoms, too.

20130612-134050.jpg This is the first time I’ve grown pumpkins.

20130612-134131.jpg I was surprised to see volunteer potato plants in the bed at the bottom of the yard. I didn’t plant anything else there yet, so they can stay.

20130612-134301.jpg One of the onions I planted last summer decided to sprout, and now it has a really cool flower.

20130612-134341.jpg I hilled up one barrel of potatoes.

20130612-134446.jpg The two Asian pears are ping pong ball sized now.

20130612-134522.jpg So are the peaches, and they’ve self-thinned (which is a good thing).

20130612-134559.jpg The blueberry bush is covered with berries. This one seems to have gotten a little ahead of itself.

20130612-134701.jpg There are lots of blackberries, too.

20130612-134728.jpg Unfortunately, my nightmares have come to fruition (just like my plants, so punny…) and several of the beds have been overtaken by grass and weeds. Some of them are a foot tall! O_O Looks like lots of weeding will be waiting for me when we get back…


Norway, day 27

Well, we’re back in Knoxville now for our one day in between trips. Yesterday morning we had a waffle breakfast to send ourselves off.

20130612-004621.jpg Our flight from Oslo to Newark was fairly uneventful. I succeeded in watching three movies. I wish all long flights could be during the day. It’s much nicer to just relax and watch some movies than trying unsuccessfully to sleep. We had about a five hour layover at Newark, but it turned out much longer when our flight was delayed two and a half hours due to weather. We ended up leaving around 11:00pm and got home around 2:30am. Today we’ve just been washing laundry and running some errands, and tomorrow afternoon we leave for New Zealand!

Norway, day 26

Today we went back up to Hollmenkollen to see the the ski museum. You can go all the way to the top of the ski jump, too. Nice view from up there:

20130609-223056.jpg I’ve never seen so many skis as they had at the museum. The oldest ones they had on display dated back to 800 AD. We ended up spending all morning and a good part of the afternoon there, and by the time we came back down and had lunch there wasn’t enough time to go to the other museum we had planned on. At least it wasn’t a really high priority on our list.

We did go see the Oslo opera house, though.

20130609-223553.jpg You can walk all over it. It had been raining off and on, and what did we see when we walked up to the top but a double rainbow!

20130609-223754.jpg We had eaten lunch so late that neither of us were very hungry, so we went to our favorite coffee place (favorite because it’s actually open at night) and had coffee and muffins for supper. That’s what you’re supposed to do on the last night of a trip, right?