Fresh from the garden, June 29

20130629-222558.jpg 6.65 ounces of garlic scapes

Scapes are the curling tops of the garlic plants. Cutting them signals the plant to put its energy into the bulb instead of reproduction, and then there are lots of tasty garlic scapes for you! I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with them, but garlic scape pesto sounds really good…

20130629-223412.jpg 120 garlic bulbs

Most of what I harvested today was Early Italian Purple. And that’s only about a third of the garlic in the garden! I’ll have a weight measurement once it’s cured and the stems and roots are trimmed off. To cure garlic you need a warm, well-ventilated place, so we moved the Incredible Seed Starting Station to the porch to do double duty as a garlic curing rack.


20130629-223956.jpg In about two weeks it should be cured and ready to be prepared for long term storage.