New Zealand, day 5

This morning we braved the elements and went out for breakfast in the dark. The sun doesn’t come up here until around 8:00! Matt and I both got pancakes. Then we all hopped on the bus and headed for our next destination, Te Anau. About halfway there we stopped at the little town of Gore. They happened to have a very cute sheep statue.

20130617-200700.jpg There were some great views of the Southern Alps on the drive, although it was hard to get a good picture through the window of the bus.

20130618-082910.jpg Someone had brought The Fellowship of the Ring, so we started watching that on the drive, too. It was pretty amazing to watch The Lord of the Rings while looking at the landscape where it was filmed. Matt and I might try to go on a tour of some of the filming locations during our free day in Queenstown later.

We got to Te Anau just in time for lunch, and then we headed out for a tour of the glow worm caves. On the boat ride over we got some great photos of the mountains.

20130618-083041.jpgInside the cave is an underground river that flows into Lake Te Anau. The water is pure enough to drink without any filtration. After walking along the river up to the underground waterfall we came to the boat that goes into the glow worm grotto. It was pitch black except for the tiny lights of hundreds of glow worms that looked like constellations on the cave ceiling. Unfortunately, photography wasn’t allowed in the cave since the glow worms don’t appreciate light or noise.

Tomorrow we leave for our two free days in Queenstown. Here’s hoping the weather improves!