Norway, days 25-30

Tomorrow is our last whole day in Norway! Matt says that his vacation started today since he’s finally done with work (for now…).

On Wednesday night we went over to Vigeland Park, home to over 200 statues created by Gustav Vigeland. I’m not sure what was going on in this statue at the park entrance, but it was very intriguing.

20130608-215638.jpg There were also more great tulips.

20130608-215704.jpgYesterday we took the ferry to one of the islands to have a cookout with Micheline, Kevin, and Scott. When we arrived at the island that we had planned to go to, we heard an announcement saying that if you didn’t plan to spend the night there you’d better stay on the ferry, because it was the last one of the day! Needless to say, we chose a different island. We had a great view of the fjord from the (extremely windy) spot that we set up our picnic. My camera, however, hadn’t bothered to tell me that the batteries were almost dead, so I didn’t get to take any photos. There were even some sheep just begging to have their pictures taken! Oh well…

A few days ago Matt got a free Oslo city pass (just like the ones we bought for Göteborg) from someone he interviewed, so this weekend we’re going to all the good museums for half price! This morning we went to see the polar ship Fram.

20130608-220658.jpg It has been on expeditions to both the North and South Poles. Matt had been to the museum last year, but since then they’ve opened up the inside of the ship for visitors. Speaking of Matt, doesn’t he look great in his arctic gear?

20130608-220911.jpg After the Fram museum we came back to the apartment for lunch. This weekend we’re trying to split our time between eating at all the restaurants that we wanted to and getting rid of the food we have left. We’ll see how it goes.

After lunch we headed down to the city hall area to visit a Christmas store that Matt had seen. We have a tradition of getting a new ornament for our Christmas tree whenever we go on a trip, so I was really excited that he found this store. You might not be surprised to know that I’m very picky when it comes to holiday decorations, but this store didn’t disappoint! We ended up with a little silver Norwegian Christmas tree decorated with candles and gingerbread men. So cute…

City hall was our next stop. There are several reliefs on the outside of the building, all depicting characters from Norse mythology. The first one was the strangest, and also my favorite. According to the plaque this is Nidhogg, serpent-beast of the underworld, committing the fearful deed of gnawing on the root of the world tree Yggdrasil. Just in case you didn’t gather all that from the photo.

20130608-222027.jpg There was something special going on in the city hall today, and lots of families were there dressed in their formal bunad. I managed to snap one shot of these little girls, who are cute even though they’re blurry.

20130608-222757.jpg After leaving city hall we got some ice cream in Aker Brygge before heading to the Nobel Peace Center. That museum didn’t take as long as we thought, so we had time to wander around a bit trying to get some *ahem!* shopping done. This proved to be difficult since everything closes even earlier than usual on Saturday. Eventually we gave up and went to our dinner destination: Illegal Burger! I’d heard that they had the best burgers in Oslo, including the best veggie burger. I got the gourmet burger with mushrooms, brie, and truffle mayonnaise. Matt, ever the adventurous type, got the kids’ burger and added cheddar. It was definitely one of the best veggie burgers I’ve had.

20130608-223705.jpg Tomorrow we’re planning on going to a few more museums and then getting packed, because we leave on Monday morning!