Norway, days 11-15

This week it rained and rained. And then it rained some more. My weather channel app even told me that there was a possibility of “high disruption and flooding.” I’m not sure what that means, except that it rained A LOT. And so, I did nothing worth noting until Thursday when we went out for falafel again. After falafel we went to an international pub night, which was a lot more fun than I thought it might be. There were several people around our age there, and the pub also served mochas. In glasses. It must be a European thing to serve hot coffee in glasses, but it’s not a very good idea since you can’t pick up the glass to sip your coffee without fear of singeing your fingers off. But it was a good mocha anyway, and if the international club meets again while we’re here we’ll probably join them.

On Friday we took a ferry around the fjord to see some of the islands. We didn’t have time to get off at any of them, but there were still some good pictures to be had. I heard that there’s an island populated entirely by rabbits. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it sounds adorable. I’ll have to look into it further…

After our ferry tour we went to Micheline and Kevin’s apartment for a little sendoff party for two of the students that have been working on the project and are leaving on Monday. It was a traditional Norwegian shrimp party of sorts, which consisted of peel and eat shrimp (eyeballs, legs, and possibly eggs included), bread, mayonnaise, lemon, and salad. The idea is to put mayonnaise on your bread, place a pile of freshly peeled shrimp on top, and add a squirt of lemon. I was just happy that a salad was on the menu. And we even got a pictures of ourselves!



2 thoughts on “Norway, days 11-15

  1. Ewww…shrimp with eyeballs. On the other hand, your trip sounds like a success so far! It’s good to “see” how you are doing! Thanks for the photo. Love the photos of the tulips!

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