Norway, day 9

Today was the nicest day we’ve had yet, in terms of weather. And the instant I even thought about typing that sentence it started raining. Go figure. But it didn’t rain on us when we were hiking. We took the same metro that went to the cookout yesterday up a little higher to where the hiking trails are. Before we started the hike one of the students wanted to show us an area on the way that he had found with some great views. I think it was worth the stop:

The trail we hiked on was sort of strange in that it cut over several ski slopes. The snow on them was melting, so it was quite wet. After about an hour and a half we got to the little restaurant at the bottom of the slopes and had lunch. We brought our lunch, but when I saw that the restaurant sold waffles I convinced Matt to split one with me. Micheline and the two other students continued on to another three+ hour trail, but we opted to head toward the nearest metro stop about half an hour away.

Near the metro stop there was a really big, nice Norwegian restaurant that we stopped in to have a look around.

20130518-175439.jpg They had a huge fireplace inside. It seemed like the perfect place to relax after a cold day of skiing. But we’d had a hot day of hiking, so we got some ice cream and sat outside on their patio.


3 thoughts on “Norway, day 9

  1. It looks like a big lodge at one of our national parks! Glad you had enough pretty weather to go for a hike…beautiful countryside! How does Norwegian ice cream compare to ours?

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