Norway, day 8

Happy 17th of May!

Most of Olso had the day off today, and I’m pretty sure that they were all either marching in the parade or watching it. Matt decided that, judging by the parade, Norway must have the most musicians per capita of any country. There were so many bands! Probably half the people we saw were wearing traditional Norwegian clothing. We didn’t get to the parade when it started, but we somehow got great spots to take pictures. And then, a lady with this adorable puppy came to stand beside us.

20130517-232837.jpgWe had fun watching the reactions of everyone marching by after that. That puppy was a serious distraction to the parade-marchers.

The weather was great all morning until drip, drip, DOWNPOUR. Everyone scrambled under any covered area they could find, which were sort of few since most of the businesses were closed for the holiday. Happily, the deluge only lasted five or ten minutes. After it was over we headed back to our apartment (stopping along the way to get waffles from a street vendor).

Around 3:30 we left for our international cookout. I’m not sure that anybody grilled one of my veggie kabobs, but I did see a few people eating the marinated vegetables raw. Interesting. But…I actually didn’t eat any of them either because we had lunch pretty late and there were veggie dogs! The best veggie dogs ever, to be specific. I tried to find out who brought them so i could go get some myself, but was unsuccessful. The person who hosted the cookout lives right beside Hollmenkollen, Oslo’s ski jump, so we walked up to see that while we were there. Unfortunately, the ski museum was closed for the holiday.

Tomorrow we’re going hiking with the other people from UT. The weather’s supposed to be nice, but Matt says he’ll bring his poncho for me just in case…


6 thoughts on “Norway, day 8

  1. You need to track down the source of those veggie dogs! AND find out if you can get them in the USofA. The parade photos are BEAUTIFUL! Love the costumes 🙂 Sounds like you’re having a really fun time over there.

  2. What a cute puppy! Couldn’t help but notice the girls dressed in traditional Norwegian clothing were wearing Converse high tops and Nikes! tee-hee!

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