Norway, days 6-7

Well, we didn’t do anything exciting yesterday except bake chocolate chunk cookies. We found some instant oats and got a chocolate bar. Ironically, the recipe I used was from Betty Crocker’s website. And they turned out great, just like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are supposed to taste! Also, I counted the flights of stairs. Looks like Matt was right; there really are only three. I judged a flight to be every time I turned the corner and saw MORE STAIRS.

Tonight we were thinking of going to a soccer game, but I accidentally wasted a lot of time taking the tram the wrong direction… So instead we wandered the streets of Oslo and took a few photos, which you can see on flickr. (And, looks like Matt just shredded our sponge by washing the grater the wrong direction. At least he washes the dishes, though…)

Tomorrow is Norwegian Constitution Day so there will be a big parade starting at the palace (really close to our apartment). We were also invited to a cookout hosted by the Oslo International Club tomorrow afternoon/evening, so that should be fun. I’m bringing some veggie kabobs.

*Matt says this blog is brought to you by me not helping with the dishes. And here I thought he was doing it out of the kindness of his heart.


2 thoughts on “Norway, days 6-7

  1. Glad you got your chocolate chip cookies to turn out right! Have fun at the parade & cookout! Enjoying your posts & pics!

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