Norway, days 4-5

Yesterday it rained all day, as predicted. So I slept late, stayed in, and did lots of yoga. (Yes, I did bring my travel yoga mat to Norway.) And then we made White Bean and Arborio Rice Soup for supper, absolutely one of the best and easiest soup recipes I have. I’ll share it with you sometime when I make it in a kitchen more suited to taking pictures.

Today was surprisingly beautiful and sunny, so I went running in the park around the palace (about a half mile from our apartment). And speaking of the apartment, here it is!

20130514-224433.jpgthe coat rack just as you step in the door
I’m sure Matt would like you note my exciting color choices in shoes: grey and white or blue and green. If you want to know, he got me the Toms for my birthday. And the Merrells (to the right of the Converses) are my new hiking shoes! Because we are going hiking.

20130514-224450.jpgthe view to the right as you walk in

20130514-225316.jpgthe kitchen

20130514-225324.jpgthe dining area

20130514-225333.jpgthe living room

20130514-225341.jpgsuper cool stairs to the bedroom

20130514-232753.jpgthe bedroom; sort of feels like sleeping in a treehouse! Good thing all that light doesn’t bother us. It doesn’t get dark here until around 10:00 and the sun comes up before 5:00.

20130514-225353.jpgthe tiny bathroom, complete with washing machine

20130514-225358.jpgthe balcony, facing the courtyard in the middle of the apartment building

It was still nice and sunny when Matt got home so we went out to get a few more things that we needed, primarily a hair dryer and some fuses. Nobody told me that it was a bad idea to bring your own hair dyer to Norway (it worked fine in Germany!) and I succeeded in blowing the fuses on both our power converters our second day here. Seeing as my hair takes HOURS to air dry, we bit the bullet and bought a European hair dryer. It was actually cheaper than we thought we’d be able to find one for, and very similar to my normal one. And now I’ll have a hair dryer for international travel and no more blown fuses! And we found it at the first store we went to – a miracle.

After that, we went grocery shopping to stock up on some basics. It’s waaay too expensive to eat out very much over here, but luckily I have plenty of time to cook. I wish the apartment had come with any measuring devices save one pitcher that has deciliter markings. Happily, I’m pretty good at estimating measurements. We were going to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but we couldn’t find any chocolate chips. Or any oatmeal. We did find steel cut oats and oat groats, which Matt didn’t understand would not be suitable for cookies. Apparently he thought that oats just grew rolled. We ended up getting a box of Betty Crocker cookie mix (how could you go wrong with Betty Crocker?). But it seems that you can. I just baked these cookies, but they taste like store-bought cookies. You know, the kind that seem more like sugar cookies that just happen to have chocolate chips in them? So Matt’s going to take them to the office and everyone will love him. And I will bake real cookies and we will love them.


4 thoughts on “Norway, days 4-5

  1. LOL over here at the rolled oats comment!!! Guess you’ll just have to find a Norwegian cookie recipe and make those. The apartment is SO VERY cute, and it looks just like you, Karen! Good thing you two adapt well to change…I can hear Russ grumbling at too much light in the bedroom.

    Thank you for posting the photos and keeping us updated!

  2. WAHHHH!!! No chocolate chips!!! I don’t know if I could survive! Perhaps you can find a chocolate bar that you can break up or perhaps some m&m’s type candy. I know, I know it just isn’t the same, but I bet you can come up with something.

    Your apartment looks nice. Never seen stairs like that before! Glad ya’ll can sleep in a well lit room though. You know me…I couldn’t! Does Matt have to crawl over you to get in & out of bed? Would the bed fit if you turned it a quarter turn? By the way, that is a pretty blue tablecloth sheet!

    Just curious…what is on the shelf above your shoes?

    • We did find some little chocolate drops that could work. But I was also thinking about breaking up a bar for chocolate chunk cookies. There’s plenty of good chocolate, just not in chip form!

    • Oops, pressed reply too soon. Anyway, the bed works best right there so the sun doesn’t shine directly on us from those skylights. And those are the owner’s ski boots above our shoes. There’s also a snowboard hanging out in the hallway.

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