Norway, days 1-3

This is our third day in Oslo, and so far everything’s going good. We’re pretty much settled in and Matt starts going into the office to work tomorrow.

Our trip over was fairly uneventful. We flew out of Knoxville just after noon on Thursday, had a five hour layover in Newark, and then flew straight from there to Oslo. Despite bringing pajama pants, cozy socks, sleeping pills, earplugs, and my own pillow with me on the plane, I hardly got any sleep. Of course. After we got to Oslo and I got some coffee at their one and only Starbucks in the airport, we took an hour long (Matt says it was 19 minutes) train ride into the city. There we got our transportation passes and hopped on a subway to our apartment.

I haven’t gotten any good photos of the apartment yet because it’s very lacking in the lighting department and I haven’t caught it at a sunny time of day. It’s located at the top of at least five flights of stairs (Matt says it’s only three. I guess he would know. I will count tomorrow.), so Mr. Know it All got a great workout lugging two 50 pound suitcases up there. It’s a nice little apartment with a small kitchen, very small bathroom, washing machine, and a loft bedroom. There are two grocery stores right down the street that we’ve already been to a couple times. I love looking around groceries in other countries; there are so many interesting things. I got some amazing feta cheese marinated in garlic and herb olive oil that I’ve been putting on everything.

On Friday and Saturday we went shopping for a few things we needed, like a sheet for the bed. It turns out Norwegians don’t really use sheets, just a fitted sheet for the mattress and a comforter right over that. To me that was akin to sleeping directly on top of the gross bedspread at a hotel, so I was determined to find some sheets. We finally tracked them down at the “Princess” store at the mall. Sheets only come in sets of one, it seems. For $30. One sheet for $30. Welcome to Oslo. And we almost accidentally bought another fitted sheet, until the salesperson realized that I was looking for the one that was “like a tablecloth.”

Today we met up with Matt’s advisor and her three other students to go see a few museums. Our tickets got us into the Norwegian Cultural History Museum and also the Viking Ship Museum, to which we took a ferry ride across the Oslo Fjord. The first museum didn’t allow photos, but I got some pictures of the viking ships (which you can see here on flickr).

It’s supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow and Matt will be at the office all day, so I might just hang around the apartment and stay dry…


3 thoughts on “Norway, days 1-3

  1. I LOVE that you have a tablecloth bed sheet to bring home as a souvenir!!!!! LOL! Hey, stairs….like living in the college dorm, again, huh?! Love the flickr photos. Makes you wonder how they managed to travel such long distances in such a flat boat. I hope you get some sunny days to enjoy while you all are in Oslo.

  2. Glad to her that you are getting settled in! Most of TN is under a frost advisory tonight.
    We might have snow when you return -ha.

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