Easy as pie

Happy April!

I took a break from posting last week because my mom was here visiting us for spring break. Whenever she comes she always asks if we want her to bring anything, and this time I had a request: a pie recipe. My Granny is the best pie maker I know, and the past several times we’ve been in Jackson I’ve wanted to ask her to show me how she does it. But there never seems to be enough time. So I decided this would be a great opportunity to get a lesson in pie-making from my mom.

Most of the pies Granny makes have meringue, which I don’t particularly like. (I usually give my meringue away and someone is very happy to have a double decker piece of pie.) So the recipe my mom brought is actually from my other grandmother who seldom makes pies, but apparently had a friend who didn’t like meringue either. The result was a very thick, custardy chocolate pie; definitely a keeper:

20130402-222419.jpg But anybody can make pie filling. The part that I was concerned about getting right was the crust. To me, that’s the difference between a real pie and what my palate interprets to be a “fake” one.

20130402-222625.jpg Probably the crust would have turned out better if I hadn’t accidentally set the oven about 50° too low. Oops! It still tasted good, but had a strange texture…oh well, maybe next time. Also, *when* I make this pie again I’ll definitely double the filling. It looked a little lonely sitting down there in the bottom of the crust. And you can never have too much chocolate, right?

20130402-223046.jpg So now I can make pies! But I still wouldn’t mind taking a lesson from the master…

6 thoughts on “Easy as pie

  1. Looks sooo good, and you made a pretty pie! I love Granny’s pie crust, but I’ll never be able to make it as “pretty” as she does around the edge.

  2. It was yummy!! I’m sure Granny would be honored to share her pie making skills with you! My crusts are never quite as pretty either!

  3. And I’m ALWAYS open for pie-tasting events 🙂 I’ve had trouble with piecrusts all my married life. My mother wasn’t a pie baker, only a cake baker, so I never really learned how to make them well. Yours looks terrific!

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