Belated birthday cake

Well the cake wasn’t belated, just the posting about it. For Matt’s birthday a little over a week ago I made a layer cake for the first time. They always seemed sort of intimidating, you know? Plus, I’m not a big fan of icing. But it was as good a time as any to try it, and it was much easier than I thought! I only ran into a snag when there wasn’t enough powdered sugar for the icing. The Internet told me that I could make my own powdered sugar by combining regular sugar and cornstarch in my food processor. I don’t know what kind of food processor the internet has, but mine was not capable of making powdered sugar. At least the icing tasted good, even if it was slightly…crunchy. Matt said he didn’t mind, as evidenced by the fact that I didn’t even get a picture taken before the cake was halfway gone.



7 thoughts on “Belated birthday cake

  1. I personally enjoyed a piece of this deep chocolate cake with espresso icing and can tell everyone that Karen MUST make it again! It was wonderful 🙂

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