A garden surprise

On Friday I transplanted the first set of peas. When I was digging holes for them, who did I find hibernating in the garden bed but my friend the blue tailed skink!

20130324-223922.jpg I guess that was a rather rude awakening from his slumber. But after he realized that I hadn’t come to eat him, he seemed quite content to sit on my hand.

20130324-224058.jpg As you can see, his tail is no longer blue. That’s probably because he’s the same skink whose tail Story bit off and left as a nice little surprise in my shoe last summer…

It’s spring!

Yay, spring is officially here! Last week Matt and I did some work getting the garden beds ready, and I have since planted some spinach, lettuce, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, onions, and peas. My salad garden is going right here by the steps for easy access.

20130320-232354.jpg This little parsley plant has been toughing it out all winter.

20130320-232453.jpg Most of the seedlings I’ve started inside are doing great, too. I love looking at the tiny tomato seedlings and thinking how they’ll be huge sprawling plants before the summer is over. And the first batch of sugar snap and snow peas is hardening off and almost ready for planting. I’m definitely not putting them in the ground before Friday though, because we’re expecting some below freezing temperatures at night. Along those lines, today I put some floating row covers over the seeds I planted.

20130320-231427.jpg I’ve never used them before, but I’ve read great things about them. They’re thin enough to let light and water through, but raise the temperature and humidity underneath several degrees and can protect against frost. I think they’re going to be a lifesaver for my garden this year. Matt and I are leaving for our trip to Norway during the ideal planting time for lots of big summer crops (tomatoes, peppers, etc) so I needed to be able to move the planting period up a week or two. Floating row covers were the perfect solution. They’ll also come in handy for a keeping a certain little white dog out of my strawberries!