First seedlings of the year

My onions are sprouting!

20130212-233053.jpgThis is my current seed starting station, in our guest bedroom. If you come to stay with us between now and May, it might be a little…bright. Most people adjust the lights up and down. But if you’ve got lots of board games, you can adjust the plants instead!

20130212-233419.jpgMatt’s afraid the neighbors will think we’re growing marijuana due the fluorescent glow emanating from the window.

Also, I just finished ordering all my seeds for this year and a second (gala) apple tree. Shopping for pumpkin seeds was definitely the most fun; almost as much as looking at pumpkins in real life! Am I the only one whose husband has to pry her away from Home Depot in the fall?

If you’re ordering seeds too, do it soon before all the good varieties sell out!