Middle Colors

Last week, Matt and I got a humidifier. Exciting announcement, I know. But I’m excited about it! Although my skin is horribly dry every winter, I’ve never had a humidifier before.

When it comes to household items, I tend towards things that get the job done and look good doing it. In the case of the humidifier, that combination is pretty hard to come by. But after some looking around online I found the perfect balance of form and function: the middle colors humidifier.

It’s a little hard to come by since it’s made by a Japanese company, but apparently Brookstone has recently partnered up with them and their version is available on Amazon (with free shipping!). We went with the white one.

20130210-214356.jpg So far we really like it. It’s pretty quiet, which is good since we mostly run it in the bedroom while we’re sleeping. It also has an aroma diffusing pad that you can put a few drops of fragrance oil on to make the room smell extra nice. I happened to have a bottle of my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works (Autumn) to try out, and it smells delicious. It’s also every bit as pretty as the pictures (although it’s hard to tell from my photo!), which is a must for something that has to sit out in my house for half the year. We’ve only had it a few days so I can’t tell if its helping my dry skin problems; but I sure hope it does!


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