New and improved seed starting station

Ive been wanting to upgrade my make-shift seed starting station for a while now. Last week, Target had their wire shelves on sale. They’re the exact length of my grow lights and are also adjustable, which will be very handy for when I have a shelf or two of taller plants. And there’s plenty of room for expansion.

20130227-123543.jpg Look, no board games! I stuck my Beardsley Community Farm calendar up there, too.

20130227-123718.jpg Here’s what I’ve got started so far:
Yellow onions
Red onions
Green onions
Sugar snap peas
Snow peas

In other news, my dwarf apple tree came yesterday! I was going to pot it today, but it’s sooo windy outside, I don’t want to go out there again! Maybe tomorrow…

All the better to see you with…

Check out my new glasses!

20130221-223012.jpgAnd my new haircut that nobody has noticed, even though three inches were taken off. But that’s beside the point.

A few weeks ago there was an unfortunate incident involving my glasses and Story’s teeth. She’s never really been one to chew on things, so we were surprised to say the least. But it is pretty fun to look for new glasses. I sort of have a compulsion to survey EVERY POSSIBLE OPTION when shopping for something like this (and for that I think we can safely thank my mom), so after visiting every optical dispensary in Knoxville I finally decided on these. Then they were backordered and took three extra weeks to come in. But now they’re here! Maybe you can’t tell, but they’re aqua on the inside.

20130221-224043.jpgThat was the deciding factor.