Snow Days

So this morning it snowed some again and then I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen. (Anyone noticing a trend?) It also reminded me that I didn’t post the pictures of the snow from two weeks ago (which finally melted this week!).

This is a dog who does not normally like to play in the yard. I’ve never seen her so excited to go outside! It was hard to get a good picture since she was busy running laps out there.

20130131-224046.jpgGarlic isn’t scared of a little snow. Nor was it phased by being encased in ice with the freezing rain last week.

20130131-224444.jpgOur backyard looked like the Family Circus after Story was done playing in it.

Although I did spend a good part of today in the kitchen, not all of it was cooking. Because the gardening season has officially begun! I don’t exactly have a potting bench or anything, so I use the kitchen counter as my planting station. Today I sowed the first set of onion seeds (yellow, red, and green bunching). I haven’t had good luck with onions yet, but I’ve also always direct sown them. Hopefully starting them inside will work out better this year.

Do you have any onion-growing tips…?


One thought on “Snow Days

  1. Nope, no onion growing tips. The few times I’ve grown them I used onion sets. Dogs must have an affinity for snow…when I let my three out into the snow, they nearly slid off the deck, they were so excited to play in it. And Murray & Toby enjoyed sliding their snouts all through it.

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