Just struck a tree in our yard!


Please note the three foot long strip of bark on the ground!

I happened to be facing the window and saw what I thought was an explosion and then heard what sounded like a gunshot. When I realized that there was most likely not a murderer with a gun in my backyard, I looked out and saw splinters of bark all over the ground. Story came out with me to investigate and upon sniffing a piece of singed wood retreated to hide under my bed for the next half hour. Most dogs are afraid of the normal parts of storms like thunder and lightening. Mine is the one who’s scared of the scent of something burnt.

Happy Summer!

Are you noticing a trend here..?

To celebrate the first day of summer, I was planning to post pictures of our new and improved garden. However, by the time I got done working today all the plants had drooped in the heat. So instead I give you:

Peach Popsicles!


My mom and I made these when she came to visit. We used the recipe from this website. It made more than my adorable Martha Stewart popsicle molds could hold and I thought the first batch tasted a little bland, so for the second round I added some ginger syrup and a dash of pumpkin pie spice. Then they were perfect!

Photos of the garden will be forthcoming when it’s not 91° outside.