I’m still blogging!

This post would have been posted sooner had my entire draft not somehow deleted itself! NOT COOL. Now I have to try to remember all the stuff I said…it was a collection of several days…let’s see…

I know I started off by saying that nothing very eventful had happened in the past few days, hence the lack of interesting updates. We’ve been around and about, looked at sites for Matt to conduct some of his observations, etc. We did go to one museum that was…unimpressive. Maybe it was just me. We’re planning on seeing more things that are actually interesting next week, when a class from UT comes that we’re going to tour around some with. We had our own walking tour of Berlin the other day, in which Matt played the part of the tour guide and I played the part of the tourist with the camera. It will be much more interesting to see it in pictures, so I’ll save the details for flickr.

Speaking of flickr…there is actually a reason why you haven’t seen any photos so far. I must be having some bad luck in the photo/blogosphere right now, because as well as having drafts disappear, I cannot log into my flickr account. Yahoo (who owns flickr) has a myriad of ways to access your account whether you’ve forgotten your password, email address, or whatever, but after trying every imaginable combination I still can’t seem to get in. I emailed their support people a little while ago, so hopefully I’ll be able to log in soon. Because my photos are all edited and pretty, and I really want you to see them!

Now I remember what I said in that deleted draft! I was very sure that there was much concern about the state of our shower curtain, so I thought I would tell you that I fixed it. With magnets. I originally did look for the kind of curtain with magnets already in the bottom, but ended up with a stupid one instead. So we made another trip to Ikea, because, having 99.9% of their catalog memorized, I knew that they did indeed have magnets. We went to a different Ikea, for fun, you know. While we were there we also picked ourselves up a couple of pillows. It is another European thing to do, apparently, to sleep on a big, uncomfortable, square pillow. We decided we’d had about enough of that, so we got some small, significantly more comfortable, rectangular pillows. And green pillowcases, of course. I can’t think of anything else I wrote about before, but think it used to be a lot longer than this. Maybe I’ll think of it later. On to more important things – what we did today. Because, as you know, today is a very important day. My birthday!

On this so important day I requested to do one thing: go to the Berlin zoo. Either I wasn’t the only one with a birthday today or Sunday is the best day for German animal-watching, because the zoo was packed. It was fun to go to a zoo I’d never been to before (in a country on a continent I’d never been to before), but Memphians, you are not missing out on anything. Their large cats exhibit vividly reminded me of how much better off the Memphis Zoo’s old cat house is as a cafe than as a giant litter box. Unfortunately for Matt, he does not understand how to NOT BREATH THROUGH HIS NOSE. But really, other than the near-asphyxiation in the cat house, the zoo was fun. I even got to pet a penguin. We couldn’t really figure out if you were supposed to or not…but when the exhibit is design such that the penguins can swim close enough to easily be picked up and taken home with you, aren’t they just inviting you pet them? Besides, the penguin must have liked it or he wouldn’t have kept doing laps around the edge of the enclosure so that everyone could pat his head! It was interesting that the zoo did not seem to be fond of putting signs in places where you were likely to see them at the same time as the animals they went with, but Matt pointed out that this wasn’t a big problem since I could identity every obscure animal I saw. I did not realize that I was so talented.

So that’s what we did on my birthday. And then we went to the bakery down the street and got an eclair. The end!

Story – I have heard that you are being “good”. I am tempted to say that this behavior would be better labeled “deceptive”. If so, I would suggest that you either 1) give up this charade immediately or 2) continue pretending to be a “good” dog from now on.
Who knows, maybe it will stick.


5 thoughts on “I’m still blogging!

  1. Woof, woof! I’m glad you had a nice birthday & got to pet an animal since you don’t have me around. I am currently cuddled up next to Anita on the sofa & you should see how pretty I look after my bath this afternoon!! Grrrrrr that you would suggest that I am ‘deceptively’ being good! It must be easier for me to be good since I have a yard to run around in & I get to go on at least one walk every day. I do get excited when I see squirrels, but Anita makes me keep walking. I guess all that exercise makes for a tired doggie. I slept in my carrier the first two nights here but then Anita wanted to see how I did on the big pillow. You would be so proud of me! I sleep all night on the pillow now & don’t make any growly noises! I will try my best to stay good for Anita. I do miss you though! Woof, woof, woof!!! (I love you)

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday in Berlin! I’m excited for you that you got to pet a penguin although I’ve always thought they might be a little bit slimy. Yes or no? Enjoyed iChatting with you & Matt this afternoon, so thanks for texting me about doing that. And I’ll bet you really miss Story whether she’s been good or not! Compared to Penny, Story is an angel. Penny helped herself to one of the neighbor kid’s cleats and chewed it up. Still waiting to hear how much I owe for that.

  3. Glad you had a fun day at the zoo for your birthday. Did they have anything memorializing “Knut” the polar bear who died just a few months ago? I think he was only 3 years old.
    Looking forward to seeing your photos, and hoping you can get logged into your account.
    Take care, Julie

    • We didn’t notice anything. I was disappointed when we found out a few months ago that we wouldn’t get to see him. The polar bear exhibit was very uneventful.

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