Due to an increased amount of nagging

from several family members who will remain nameless, I have decided that it is time to start blogging regularly again. I admittedly dropped off the face of the planet there for a little while; which is to say I got married, moved to a new duplex, and got a puppy. All of which have the potential to keep one from blogging as often as one should.

The getting married part occured on May 30. The Wedding was Wonderful and Beautiful and my favorite parts were listening to the New Pacers sing and eating all the leftover sushi in the car on the way to Memphis. We then proceeded to have a week-long adventure in Costa Rica, photos from which can *finally!* be seen on flickr. One of my favorite parts of the honeymoon (although probably not Matt’s favorite) was the several-hour-long car ride from Monteverde to Guanacaste during which I spent most of the time conversing in Spanish with our driver. What can I say, he was a nice guy. And there’s also that confidence boost you get from able to have a coherent conversation in another language for several hours. That too.

The new duplex part is still a work in progress. On a happy note, the only furniture we had to buy ourselves was an Ikea table and chairs and a $15 desk from Craigslist. We were given the rest! On an unhappy note, we painted The Rest with an apparently very stupid sort of paint that doesn’t stop being sticky. EVER. At some point in the near future, I will post pictures of our duplex. Or you could come visit. We can have dinner and play games. You won’t get stuck to the Ikea chairs, I promise. We didn’t paint them.

And then there’s that puppy part. Her name is Story and she is a Westie. And to answer the common question:  no, there is not a curious tale behind her name. We just liked it. Anyway, she usually likes to pretend that she is either a snappy alligator or a mountain goat, is very good at dancing on two feet, and will graduate from Star Puppy class this Friday. That means she will have proof that she knows how to do all those useful things like come, and sit, and stay, and don’t show those other dogs your snappy alligator impression.

This is Story on the day we got her, visiting Nänie.

This is Story on the day we got her, visiting Nänie.

Her eyes always show up blue in pictures.

Her eyes always show up blue in pictures.

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