ACDA, Day 1

March is a good time to pay attention to my blog again, right?

If you’ve been following my tweets, you’ve probably noticed that I’m in Oklahoma City right now at the American Choral Directors Association convention. Matt and I left Martin at 4:00 this morning with Dr. Simmons to drive to the Nashville airport. We met our three other travelling buddies there and flew out at 8:35. We had a short layover in Dallas, and made it to OK City around 1:00. Since then we’ve been to our first reading session, looked around the exhibit hall, and attended a VERY long, VERY good concert. On the way to said concert was when Matt and I sat on the shuttle behind André Thomas who, if you don’t know, is a very well-known composer and friend of Dr. Fred Spano. After we got off the bus we got to meet him, and Matt took a group picture! We’re heading back to the convention center at 9:30 tomorrow, but as I’ve currently been awake for more than 21 hours, that’s all for today.


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