Back in school


Yesterday was our first day back to school at UTM. My three new freshmen roommates moved in last week, and they all seem very nice (that’s a first!). Erin is from Memphis, Sarah is from Franklin, and Jordan is from Athens. Jordan is also in University Singers. Speaking of which, I know some of you have been wondering what schedule is like this semester. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings I have theory IV, conducting, and voice science and pedagogy (but not Friday). In the afternoon I have university singers and Spanish advanced conversation. My voice lesson is on Monday mornings, and Monday nights from 6-9 I have exceptional child (an education class). On Wednesday instead of Spanish I have recital. Dr. Nappo was nice enough to let me take the class even though I can only come two days a week. ^_^

I have New Pacers on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. But other than that, the only class I have on Tuesday and Thursday is aural skills, which is being taught this year by Mrs Dr. Simmons. There was quite an episode in our first class this morning when a spider fell out of Mrs Dr.’s hair, causing her to scream and launch her notebook across the room. Subsequently, the offending spider was thorougly smushed by Sean the percussion major. 

We found out the other day that, contrary to what Mr Dr. Simmons had been planning last semester, choir tour is not going to be in Florida this year. In fact, it’s not going to be a normal choir tour at all — it’s a New Pacers tour! We’re just touring in Tennessee like our freshman year, but different places. It’s going to be much cheaper and much more fun to tour with a group of closer to 20 than 50 singers. Dr. Simmons mentioned that one of our stops is going to be in Pidgeon Forge. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I hope it’s not too late to see about reserving the chalet!

In other news, you may have seen my twitter mourning the loss of my friend Panpanpan. He was a black kuhli loach  and my most favorite fishy. He started swimming upside a the top of the water one afternoon and got flushed away via the porcelain express the next. Goodbye, Pangio Pantalaimon Pantalones!

Of course, I needed to get a new fish to replace my beloved Panpanpan. So Matt and I went to Wal*Mart to look at their selection of dead and dying fish. Have you ever noticed how no Wal*Mart associate can be found anywhere the vicinity of the fish section? We waited, and looked, and waited, had them announce over the intercom that customers desperately needed help in the fish section, and waited, and after about 20 minutes left with just two snails and no fish, having remembered much too late that there was a REAL fish store in Union City.

After the snails floating around in my aquarium started growing things, I deducted that we had, in fact, been sold dead snails. So when we finally went to the glorious fish store in Union City (where they had a wide selection of fish without any signs of the death), we came back with two longfin danios, two very alive blue mystery snails, and two feeder fish for the turtles. The two danios and one snail (who felt the need to reassure me of this sexual orientation this morning, if you know what I mean) are living happily in the little aquarium in my room. The feeder fish and other snail are also, surprisingly, living happily in the turtle tank. Piper and Michelangelo were mildy intrigued by the minnows, but don’t really seem to view them as edible. Lucky for the fish, I guess!

I can has blog update?

Hello! Last time you heard from me, Matt and I were heading to Jackson for Pop’s birthday party. But what you didn’t know (if you haven’t heard by now) is that we surprised them by having my uncle, Alan, cousin, Chrissy, and her son, Chase fly in from Wyoming. And indeed, they were surprised! Here’s a picture of everyone we took that Sunday:

Pop, Allie, Granny.

3rd row: Tim, Gregg, Matt, Alan. 2nd row: Cayce, Julie, Chrissy, Chase, me, my mom. 1st row: Pop, Allie, Granny.

If you’ve looked at my tweets lately, you might have noticed that I can now make tasty Middle Eastern food. At least a little, anyway. I bought and roasted eggplant for the first time (actually for veggie lasagna, but I only needed half) and had an avocado on hand. So with a side of couscous I made:

avocado hummus

avocado hummus


pita bread

pita bread

The pita was especially delicious, and pretty easy to make. I baked it on the pizza stone Rachel gave me (thanks Rachel!). Click here if you’d like the recipe.

In other news, I’m headed back to Jackson again tonight, because tomorrow we’re going to Arkansas. To what is apparently bridal utopia, otherwise known as Low’s. It is the third largest bridal store in the country, and from what I’ve heard if you don’t find a dress there, you may as well stop looking.

While my mom and I (and possibly Granny) are frolicking in the land of bridal gowns, you can spend some time looking at the new pictures I just put on flickr. Of the turtles, of course! Piper was a little camera-shy. Michelangelo, on the other hand, thinks he might go on to become the new face of Abercrombie and Fitch.