Destin, day 3

Finally, I can blog from our condo! The wireless won’t be fixed (it’s a bad router), but I’m plugged into the ethernet.

Last night we decided to eat at A.J.’s at the marina. Unfortunately for me, it seems that seafood restaurants have very little in the way of vegetarian selections. The best thing I could come up with was cheese sticks and a salad. We walked around the docks for a bit after that and then went to buy ourselves two non-leaking floats. This is me at A.J.’s:

This morning we went down to the beach again and found that most of the algae had been replaced by jellyfish. There were much bigger waves, so we borrowed some boogie boards from a talkative guy named Steve that we met yesterday. We probably hadn’t been in the water fifteen minutes when I felt something stingy slither across my leg… Before long everyone was just sitting around looking at the water, because it had too many jellyfish to swim.

After we got cleaned up we decided to check out the relatively new Gator Beach at Fudpuckers. It’s a free alligator exhibit under their big outdoor dock. All the alligators they have are small, and you can even go “fishing” for them with alligator snacks on a long rope.

When we got back we got our crab-hunting gear and went down to the beach again. We weren’t there long before it started to sprinkle and we could see lightning out on the ocean, so we gave our crabs to Coda (a guy we met on the beach last night with his family) and his little brother and went back to the condo.

Tomorrow morning we’re going parasailing. We’ll be taking pictures with a disposable camera (just in case!).

– Karen