Destin, Day 1(ish)

Right now I’m sitting in Panera Bread, the free wireless paradise. I actually came here to talk to Matt…but it seems that I’ve been replaced by Dr. Rogers.

We got to Destin around 7:30 yesterday and walked on the beach and took pictures of the moon… Then when we got back to our condo and I tried to connect to the internet, I realized that the router wasn’t working. As it turns out, the internet isn’t working at all at the moment, and the main office isn’t open until tomorrow. I hope we can get it fixed soon…I’m pretty sure I can’t survive (much) without easy access to wireless the whole week.

This morning we went down to the beach and were greeted by a purple flag ( = marine pests). Turns out there have been lots of jellyfish floating around lately. There were also lots of small pieces of seaweed. The kind that feel like jellyfish tentacles, of course. Surprisingly, there were hardly any waves this morning. We’re hoping there will be later…the ocean isn’t very exciting without any waves!

I don’t know what we’re doing tomorrow besides going to the beach in the morning. As soon as I take some good pictures I will post them — the ones of the moon last night aren’t on my computer yet. Anyway, with any luck our internet will be up and running soon. And if not, I’ll see you later at Panera Bread.

– Karen